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Introducing me, Alexa, and the Active Pawz family.

My name is Alexa.  I am in my thirties and own my own home in Carterton, Oxfordshire.   I love spending time with all sorts of animals and have done ever since I was a child.  One dog was never enough for me and  growing up I always wanted more.  My Mum will still tell the story of how she used to say wIhen I grown up and had my own house I could fill it with as many animals as I liked..........this is precisely what I have done, and I love it!  

Also living in the house is my partner Jason.  He is very good with all of the animals as well and gets involved with the fun and care of them all.

I have 5 dogs. They all live inside the house as part of the family, they take it in turns to cuddle on the sofa as we dont all quite fit at the same time and line up at mealtimes waiting to see if they are getting extra goodies.

Kayley a Golden Retriever x Border Collie, and very much the matriarch of the family and also my eldest.  She had a cruciate ligament repair a few years ago and had surgery and hydrotherapy to get her back to full speed, which she now is and thoroughly enjoying her new lease of life acting like a puppy.

Kia is next eldest and is a Border Collie.  She is what i refer to as my 'stooge' dog. Very laid back and really cant be bothered with pushing and shoving to the front for anything.  This makes her perfect for introducing to other dogs to see how they react to others as she really doesn't care either way.  

Kia was a registered PAT - Pets as Therapy dog which meant we were able to visit retirement homes and hospitals.  She would regularly go and have a cuddle and show off a trick or two to some of the residents.

Teal'c is also a Border Collie.  Very keen on his balls and his Mum (Mummies boy alert) 

He used to do agility when he was younger and still dabbles occasionally when we have time. He also trained in heel work to music many years ago and still likes showing off his tricks given the opportunity.
Lonnie is yet another Border Collie (are you seeing a pattern?)

He came to me as a rescue at 1 year old, he had a rough start to life as a farmers dog in Ireland....sadly he had been severly beaten and still suffers from fear aggresion with strangers.  He has come on leaps and bounds in the years I have had him and is such a loving soppy dog.  Once he knows you then he is your friend for life. 

Lonnie is the playtime dog! He might not like people....but he LOVES other dogs! Especially ones that will play racey chasey game, or tug of war.  Lonnie has also in recent months had a go at Sheepdog training.  He definitely has the instinct, it just needs to be refined slightly haha, a work in progress I think.

Cin, the Jack Russell, is the baby of the family (to us anyhow) 

She came to me rescued from travellers at 5 weeks old....and at time I think she confuses herself for a Collie as well.  

She isnt overly terrier ish, but does have the occasional moment.  

Referred to as my Pocket Rocket, she is a little speed demon and starting to out run the older dogs these days. Also very much a little princess who likes to be a lap dog.
There are also 3 cats living here, Frodo, Riff and Raff. 

All very dog savvy and experienced in dogs coming and going.

Then the 3 ferrets in the back garden, Scarlett, Sienna and Fergus.  Again they completely unphased by cats and dogs....and will even try to play if allowed.  They provide many hours of ferret tv to Lonnie the Collie and other visitors. As do the turtles kept in the living room.
Last but not least.....and not living at home is Jacob.  

Jacob is my 17hh Thoroughbred, who is kept on a local livery yard.  He is the most recent addition to the family.

My love of animals does not stop at dogs, as well as the other animals I currently have, I have previously owned gerbils. fish, rabbits and guinnea pigs.  

The bit I love best about pet sitting other peoples pets is getting to experience animals I may never have the chance to own. So far this has included a parrot, who was loads of fun, chickens, a chameleon, snakes, a poisoness tree frog and many more.  As you can see.....Anything goes! 

I previously did a lot of voluntary work for a rescue and very often had a foster dog staying with us. I have over the years (sadly not at this present time) fostered and helped rehabilitate over 150 dogs varying in breed including Border Collies, Poodles, JRT and Setters to name a few.  All of whom won a small space in my heart and many of which I am still in touch with years on.

I also volunteer for the local Blue Cross, fostering for their small animal department when needed.  So far I have had hamsters and degu from them whilst they awaited new homes. 


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